Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rebecca Taylor spins fall trends just right

One of my absolute favorite designers EVER is Rebecca Taylor.  I love everything that she creates with a serious passion.  Everything invokes individuality and femininity, yet is backed by a smoldering, nearly massive sense of style and profoundness.  She masterfully mixes ideas in fashion, creating real pieces for the modern woman.  I bow my head to thee, Rebecca.

While I'm over here having a complete and total fit, check out some of the pieces from her fall collection.

Rebecca Taylor top


Gown (clipped to

Rebecca Taylor top


Legging (clipped to

Rebecca Taylor dress

Rebecca Taylor blouse

Rebecca Taylor dress

Rebecca Taylor jacket

Rebecca Taylor t shirt

Wide Leg Pants | Rebecca Taylor

I find each and every one of these pieces to be incredibly wearable, yet remarkably on trend.  That is one seriously fine line to be walking.  Any of these pieces could be paired with a trusty basic, say, jeans or a black tee.  I love how she touches on several trends happening currently: the snakeskin print on the pants and the tunic, the suggested lace on the white/grey blouse, the peplum silhouettes, the moto-inspired tough look, leather, and assorted hemlines.  It's a serious gold mine of fashion.  Who's with me?!?

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