Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tickled Pink

Sometimes the easiest way to build an outfit is to start with one piece.  This morning, I started my outfit with my Gap scarf.  It's a lovely weight and a soft fabric.  It's also HUGE, so if I get cold, I can re-purpose it as a shawl (and as a sub moving about a large building, I can never predict my temperature needs...).  Since it has a beautiful pattern, I didn't want to busy it up with anything complicated underneath, so I put on a grey Target t-shirt (my blankie of fashion). 


I wanted to bring out the warm pink tones in my scarf, so I threw on this pink skirt from Ann Taylor.  It was a steal at $9 several years back!  I decided to go for a monochromatic look, putting on my burgundy heels (I think they were also $9 -- from Payless).  They're dark enough to seem neutral, but still carry some of that
warm tone through.


When I wear a scarf, I usually don't wear anything else around my face.  Sometimes smaller earrings, but since I had my hair down and curled I didn't want to look fussy.  Just a few simple bangles from F21 and I was set to go!


I hope it's a good week, dearies! Today I plan to sit out on my deck with a book and a glass of iced tea when I'm finished subbing. Babysitting some cute little dudes later on, so I'll need to rest up a bit! It FINALLY seems like summer. I met up with my good friend Miranda yesterday for a long walk and dinner. We had burgers and beers out on a patio and it was FABULOUS! So, happy summer. :)

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