Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glitter animals!

As I prepare to plan my wedding, I'm spending a lot of time dreaming and exploring fun ideas.  So, it should be stated that Mike and I are SO not traditional.  We collect Mold-a-Ramas (yeah, from the zoo), we have CD album inserts tacked to our bathroom wall.  We have enough toys laying around that people would wonder where we're keeping the kids.  We have FUN!  So, when I saw this idea from Martha Stewart, I thought it would be really fun for our wedding!

I'd love to have little glittery critters hanging out on the tables at the reception!  Fun for the kids to play with, and fun to take home as a favor, too!  While the deer are quite charming (especially since this is for a winter wedding), I think we'd try something a little more playful.  Maybe those little plastic dinosaurs we played with as kids or something!  What do you think?  What would look good shellacked in glitter?  Would you be happy to take a glitter critter home?

Head over to Oriental Trading Company and tell me your favorite toy!

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