Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It was a Tuesday morning.  There was still a whole lot of week left, and I wasn't feeling it.  I wasn't feeling stiffy, uptight, "dressy" clothes for my subbing day.  I felt like pajamas, coffee, and my fuzzy robe.  "How," I thought to myself, "do I make it to school in this mood and still look good?"  I had to cheat!!!  The answer came in these great cropped cargo pants from Loft.  I adore them!  Not only do they feel like lounging-around-all-day-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it-pants, but I think they're pretty darn cute!  After I managed to get them on, I wasn't feeling creative up top, either.  I added some neutral basics, a couple sparkly things, and walked out the door.  And, ya know what?  I felt pretty good.  So, take that, no-jeans-during-the-week dress code!  I felt pulled together and still remained comfortable.  I think there really is something to dressing for your moods.  If I walked around all day wearing something that made me uncomfortable, I'd feel kind of fake.  I think my best outfits are the ones that match my mood.

sweater: Gap || tank: Target || cargos: Loft || necklace: dogeared || earrings: I made them! || bracelet: F21 || shoes: Anne Klein
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Lesson learned here, chickadees? Be sure to keep lots of neutral layering clothes around for the mornings you just don't feel like it!

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