Monday, July 7, 2014

For the next stretch: stripping the makeup bag

The truck has gone back to Penske, the boxes are not piled quite so high, we have a functioning kitchen, and internet, and the cat seems to understand where the litterbox is located.  It appears that we have moved.  There are still plenty of things to unpack and settle, and pictures to hang, but we have arrived.  We are in Seattle.  Our dream of the past five years has come true.  I can't wait to share more about it all as we get more settled.

For now, let's talk about makeup.  One of the best things about moving across the country is that you have the generally arduous-yet-necessary task of going through every. single. thing. that you own.  It's something that has to be done in little doses.

I've talked about my inclination toward using less makeup before, but this time I really pared down.  Over the three-and-a-half day drive here, I listened to Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.  I read about it in a magazine a few years back when it was first published, and kept meaning to pick it up.  Since the author chronicles her journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, and I was on my own sort of journey, moving to the West Coast, I thought it would be fitting.

Before I turn this into a book review, I want to highlight one important part that I really believe in.  Cheryl overpacks her backpack and it is slowing her down in her travels (also a direct metaphor for the baggage in her life).  A hiker she meets on the trail helps her go through it, directing her to take everything out and re-pack as if she is only going on the next stretch of trail, before the next large stop.  She realizes how little of the stuff she is carrying day in and day out she is actually using.  (Cue a literal and metaphorical load-lightening for Cheryl.)

I did the same with my makeup, re-packed for my next stretch of trail in life.  I have collected, sampled, tried-out, subscribed, and done all kinds of things to acquire an obscene amount of makeup.  When I took it all out and spread it across the bathroom floor, I was absolutely astonished by my hoard.  Re-packing only the stuff I use took less than a minute.  I pared down to a 5 x 10 inch bag, and that includes brushes. 

1: Trusty brushes.  One for powder, one for blush, one for brows.
2: Mascara.  My favorite is usually Clinique's High Impact, but this Maybelline Lash Blast has been great, too!  Love the wand -- it has little rubber nubs that help get product distributed evenly.
3: Naked 3 Palette.  What can I say?  I love this thing!  Pinterest got my interest piqued with all the tutorials out there.  I love the shimmery neutral colors that blend oh-so-well.
4: Benefit Brow Zings palette.  One cream pot (which I use the small brush for) and one powder (I use the little brush that came with it).  Perfect brow definition.
5: Rimmel kohl eyeliner in brown.
6: Eyelash curler.  I'm a recent believer.  It really makes a difference in the eye pop factor.
7: Mary Kay concealer.  For use after late nights.  I don't use every day.  I try to stay away from liquid products when I can.
8: Covergirl powder.  I've been using this stuff since I was 12.  It has a fresh scent, isn't heavy, and has just the right amount of pigment.  I love it.
9: Benetint blush.  I love this because it doubles as a lip tint.  I just swipe on a couple small lines onto my cheekbones and blend with my fingers.  It has a really natural look that I love.

This is really all I need.  I'm able to make my look more or less dramatic for day or night, or more playful or professional depending on my day.  The only thing I haven't included is lipcolor.  I do rotate between a few different lip products, but they are always in my purse.  Usually, I use Babylips by Maybelline.  I also have a Chanel lipstick that I'm gaga over.

I challenge you to try what I did!  Consider your next stretch in life.  What are you really keeping that product for?  If Halloween or an improbable costume party are in the answers, kick 'em out.

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  1. I am always on the hunt for a good mascara. I will have to try it!


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