Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Survey says: red lips win.

There is little other that makes me feel quite as awkward as transitional weather.  I have to roust myself from the durges of fashion that have safely guided my daily ensemble since god-knows-how-long.  That's the beauty of fashion, though.  Just as we get comfortable with one thing, another comes along.  The ol' one-two punch.

It's not to say that I'm not completely re-energized by the whole thing.  A new season brings on new challenges and, better yet, opportunities!  But ain't nobody got time for that.  It's more like I love a fresh change when I have a glorious 30 minutes to stand in front of my entire wardrobe and selectively curate my outfit, while making frequent checks to my favorite style blogs to get Cliff Notes on the what's-what. 

But when I mean business (meaning toothbrush wedged in mouth as I rifle through my closet and piles of laundry in between pouring a mug of to-go coffee and popping an english muffin in the toaster as I sift through my mental thoughts of this morning's to-do list and remember where in the hell I left my shoes), I need something that just works.  I love creating complete outfits like no one's business, but as with a good bubble bath, it's best enjoyed when you have time.

It got me thinking French.  Think French.  (Quippy, eh?)  To do the effortless, but oh-so-chic, in an understated but time-honored and sophisticated way, one thing is replicable and easy, no matter the season.  It is a red lip and a white blouse.






There is something so wonderfully powerful about sporting a red lip.  I remember reading a magazine article eons ago (and far before I'd be caught dead in lipstick, period) that challenged women to wear red for 30 days straight.  The participants unanimously agreed that they felt more pulled together, confident, sexy, et cetera.  Years and years later, I've found myself in agreement. 

The other poison in the potion is the white blouse.  A red lip is a little bit of a showstopper.  A bit of a narcissist.  Very "look-at-me."  A white blouse is the laid back partner that doesn't mind letting the star steal the show.

So, for mornings that I need a git-er-done look, here it is.  If you need me, I'll be sipping my coffee and enjoying my english muffin, with five minutes to spare. 

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