Friday, August 23, 2013

Casual Friday

Friday beckons a whole new attitude, separate from the daily grind of the workweek.  It's the promise that the weekend is coming, and that we can burrow into any activities to which we see fit for an entire two days. 

It's a time to pare down and embrace those wonderful essential things in our wardrobe that make us feel comfortable and happy: our trusty jeans and tees.

For the look to "work," it's not about throwing on gym shoes and calling it a day.  It's the details that make the cake.  I love this Iris Apfel quote over here:

I'd like to add that we should have a great accessory.  Love the great bag in the first pic and the pretty necklace in the second. 

To this day, and for several years running, this is my favorite tee:

Just throw on your favorite pair of jeans, a great necklace or scarf, a good pair of shoes, and BOOM.  Done.  :)  I've had to replace mine a couple times just from sheer wear, but it's definitely worth the $5.00 investment. 

What's your weekend go-to?

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