Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paper Bliss: Rifle Paper Company

In all my wedding planning adventures, I stumble across many a stationery set.  However, I've found a company that takes the cake.  Everything is whimsical, punchy, polished and ADORABLE.  I formally introduce to you, Rifle Paper Company.  They have everything from customizable stationery sets to placecards to journals to prints to hang on the wall.  Here are some of my favorites:
Monsters in the Bushes Print

Rifle Paper Co. - Animal Alphabet Chart

Rifle Paper Co. - Peony Pink Card

C'est La Vie Card

Over the Moon Card

Dusty Rose Place Cards

Rifle Paper Co. - Lemon Recipe Cards

Did you take it in?  Did you love it?  I think my favorite (aside from the Monsters in the Bushes print) is the peony card.  I might get it just to frame it, actually!  I'm a sucker for all things peonies. 

With writing letters and notes being such a lost art, I feel that companies like this one are doing what they can to rekindle the handwritten sentiment in every heart.  When is the last time you wrote a letter?  Received one?  Spend less than $5 and start it up! 

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