Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daily makeup routine: face basics.

Time is so, so precious in the morning.  Especially December mornings.  Has anyone else experienced that absolute dread that comes with waking up on a dark December morning?  I'm so ready for the winter solstice and for light to start coming back into my life again!  

Ok, morning drudgeries aside, I wanted to share my quick, 5-minute makeup routine that I use on a daily basis.  If I find myself with an extra few minutes, I might try something a little more artsy, but most days, this does just fine.

I start by prepping my skin.  I cleanse with Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, then tone with Clarifying Lotion 3 (more like a liquid astringent).  Then, I take a dab of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, and a pea-sized dollop of BB Cream.

It look-a-like-a this...

Then, I swirl them all together and apply to my face with CLEAN fingers.  Some chose to use a foundation brush, but I find that using my fingers works better.  The warmth from my hands helps the foundation sink in quicker and with more evenness.  The trick is to cover smaller areas at a time (ex: just around the jawline, or from the temple to the cheekbone). 

Give this a minute to sink in, or else the next steps will look cakey.  Meanwhile, line eyebrows with a brow pencil.  I use Ulta's brow pencil (haven't really tried any others!).  I use short, quick strokes, working my way from the inner brow to the outer brow.  I NEVER draw a big line from one end to the other.  The idea is to make short strokes that fill in the spaces yet look natural.

Once you're done lining and your foundation has set in a bit, brush on bronzer and blush.  For bronzer, make a "3" shape on each side of your face.  Meaning, starting at the side of your forehead, come down and around your cheekbone, and then down and around your jaw, making a "3" on each side of your face.

And that does it for the face!

OK, now moving onto the eyes.  This is where I spend the most effort.  I feel like my eyes are the most important detail for makeup.  If I had great lips, well, I might spend more time on them.  For me, it's eyes.  

I always start with some kind of cream shadow.  I swear it makes my shadow more vibrant and last longer.  I love Mac's Paint Pot in Fresco Rose.  It's a nice, natural pink that is beautiful alone or layered under shadow.  I swirl my finger in the pot and apply it on my lid to just above my crease.

Now for the fun part!  I got this Dior eyeshadow palette in "Earth Reflection" over a year and a half ago, and it's still going strong.  I forget how spoiled I am to use it until I try another brand of shadow that flakes, falls onto my cheekbones, or creases in 5 minutes.  These colors were made to last and blend BEAUTIFULLY.  I'm still finding new ways to play with it, too.  I apply the upper left goldish color to my lid and slightly above.  Then, I apply the lower left dark brown color to the corner of my eye, using little patting movements, and drag it along my crease to close to the inner eye.  I don't worry too much about blending in this step, and it looks a little silly.  After I finish both sides, I gently use my ring finger to blend the colors.  I'm left with a subtle smoky eye that is so appropriate for daytime.

Curling my eyelashes is something I've just started doing this past year and it makes SUCH a huge difference!  I've never been disappointed with my lashes, but now I love them.  Here's my method: start near the root, clamp and hold for a few seconds, then move up slightly, clamp, and repeat all the way to the end of the lashes.  Immediately apply mascara. 

My lips don't have a routine.  At this step, I head downstairs and fill up a coffee cup that I impatiently awaited while doing my makeup.  So, the lips get a touch of whatever's in my purse once I get to work!  Usually, the only other thing I'd add is a touch of chapstick!

So, that's it.  The basic makeup routine.  What's yours like?  Do you spend more or less time getting ready?  What's your everyday makeup move that you can't leave without?

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  1. I do the exact same thing! I add a little bit of foundation to my moisturizer and it's like your very own tinted moisturizer! :)))

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