Friday, October 12, 2012


A trend I've spotted in fall fashion is a mix of feminine with edgy.  As the nineties come back in full force as in influence in the fashion world, in with them comes clean lines, simple cuts, and a wee bit of grunge.  This time, it's polished (thank heavens!).

So, let's get to my verbage!!  Feminedgy; adj.  Meaning, a mix of classic, feminine details with a cutting edge that stands apart.  Above, Miley Cyrus perfectly embodies feminedgy.  She's wearing a very classic, dare I say even elegant skirt.  Floor length, silk, simple lines, very not shocking.  But then, ingeniously, she has these great studs on the top!  How wonderfully edgy!  Then, to her hair and makeup.  She's riffing on the classic feminine pixie cut that has been carved out for her for years and years, yet she's shaved part of it close to her head, adding that edgy detail. 

The way that she's mixed it all together shows a bit of gusto, but moreover, how to tastefully balance two seemingly opposite vibes.

If you're into trying a bit of edge in your wardrobe, try to wear it with classic pieces.

Isabel Marant ankle booties

These booties don't seem so shocking when worn with the now-classic skinny jean and black jacket.  And all day long, you'd feel a wee bit badass. 

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