Monday, May 14, 2012

The Shabby Apple

After spending the weekend holed up in bed trying not to DIE from this NASTY COLD, I was in much need of some good news.  I'm SO excited to announce that I'm the most recent affiliate of The Shabby Apple.  It's an adorable online store that sells clothes, accessories and gifts for women and girls.  They even have an adorable maternity line.  All of their pieces are unique and polished, with a bit of a vintage flair.  One of my favorite features about the site is that they have a fit guide, a short quiz which guides you to pieces that would be most flattering on your body.  Check it out here.  These are some of the things I'm currently fawning over:

The Champs Elysees Dress:
The Malt Shop Dress:
The Wildberry Pie Apron:
The Bistro Blouse:
The Bobby:
The Cat Manchu Magnet: (These make me giggle...)

I just love it all!  Head over to The Shabby Apple and check it all out for yourself!

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