Sunday, April 29, 2012

J.Crew Picks

J.Crew Picks

J Crew lace top
$110 -

J.Crew j crew shorts
$118 -

J.Crew leather pumps
$228 -

J Crew chain necklace
$138 -

J Crew j crew jewelry
$118 -

I love J.Crew.  We all know this.  But the new catalog is like a DREAM.  I love the polished appropriateness of the pink eyelet top.  I love the scallops on the red shorts.  Both are wonderfully feminine and classic.  Recently, I've been loving how mixing feminine with edgy makes a comprehensive look.  The necklace and bracelet have a perfect tinge of rocker, offsetting the daintiness of the outfit.  The shoes are the icing on the cake, meeting edgy and girly riiiight in the middle.  I'll take one of each, please!

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  1. That bracelet is on my list too :)

    xo Ashleigh


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