Monday, April 9, 2012

flattering on everyone.

A style that I really LOVE, and that is flattering on everyone I've seen wear it, is a flowy top and cuffed jeans.  It's a perfect balance.  The elegance of the flowy top is structurally counteracted by the roughness of the jeans.  The two textures balance each other wonderfully.  The cuff at the hems of the jeans suggests a playful, summery environment in which we'd all like to imagine ourselves.  It's an incredibly versatile look.  It's great for meeting a friend for coffee (which I did today!), casual Friday, a family gathering, Sunday dinners, you name it.  By adding the pretty pink scarf, it makes the flowy top seem even more playful and feminine.  Plus, in this spring weather, it adds a little warmth. 




  1. Popped over here from Kate's small things blog. You are super cute and I really like your style. I know you said the top is from Loft, but where is everything else from? Thanks for sharing your style.

    1. Hi! Thank you! The tank underneath is also from Loft. The jeans are from Old Navy (love them big time!), the sandals are from Bakers, and the scarf is from Gap. Hope you continue to read! :)


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